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Your estate plan is a critical financial management tool for protecting your family’s future. 

Your estate plan is much more than a Will that directs where your property goes when you die.  A thoughtful, complete estate plan will contain documents to protect your loved ones in case of disability or death. 

The death of a loved one is a tragedy for any family and will be made more difficult if there are no provisions under an estate plan for handling that person’s property.  In fact, the state where a disabled person or a decedent resides has laws to determine how property will be handled if no legal documents are available.  This may not be what you would want, particularly in cases where there are second marriages and children from each marriage.

Once you decide what you want done with your property in case of death, the next most important decision to make is who will implement your written plan competently and completely according to your wishes. 

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  • Who Should Be Your Executor?
  • Why Choose First Financial Trust as Your Executor?
  • Who Should Be Your Executor?

    Many people think they must select an individual as their executor, but most individuals do not have the necessary background, education and experience to handle the duties of the estate administration process.  An institution such as a trust company with fiduciary powers has the legal authority to serve as your executor.

    A professional, institutional executor like First Financial Trust & Asset Management is a superior choice for the role or estate administrator.  We can serve as sole executor or co-executor with an individual of your estate plan.  An executor will need to understand the following (and much more) to competently and ethically administer an estate.

    • Probate and trust law
    • Finance and accounting
    • Investment/asset management
    • Income and estate tax issues and filing deadlines
    • Employee benefits
    • Insurance
    • Business agreements, prenuptial agreements, cash flow, liability management
    • Must be responsive, reliable and attentive to the heirs of the estate
    • Must provide detailed statements and accountings

  • Why Choose First Financial Trust & Asset Management As Your Executor?

    The professionals at First Financial Trust & Asset Management will help you and your family from the beginning of your estate planning process to the end.  We have been in the trust and estate business since 1927and maintain a well educated and expertly trained staff to help our clients.

    Initially, we work with you, your attorney and CPA to gather your financial information and define the goals you have for yourself and your family.  Then we review the estate plan your attorney prepares and discuss how the estate administration process will work according to the document you signed. 

    As your financial situation changes during your life, or as estate tax laws are changed or amended, we will keep you informed of techniques that may be advantageous for you to consider. 

    Following a death, families face very difficult emotional issues that are complex to process.  Our professionals understand these situations and treat each family with compassion and patience.  We place significant importance on the service we provide, especially to anyone who has suffered a loss.

    You can rest assured that First Financial Trust & Asset Management professionals will settle your estate competently according to your written document, and with compassion and understanding for your heirs.