Oil and Gas Lease Management Services

Oil, gas and mineral interests are unique to other wealth generating assets. While many professional advisors are available to assist with the management of your mineral interests, few can match the personal hands-on services First Financial Trust & Asset Management Company provides.

Effective mineral management requires a knowledge of the petroleum industry, oil and gas law, geology and economics.  At FFTAM, our experienced professionals protect the mineral owner’s interests through every phase of the oil and gas exploration, development and production process thus ensuring revenue opportunities and mineral property rights are maximized and protected at every step.

FFTAM’s clients receive the benefit of:

The knowledge and expertise of a professional staff with decades of oil and gas management experience;

The information network and negotiating skills honed from the experience of managing thousands of properties within oil and gas producing basins in twenty states;

A personal relationship with a local team of advisors.

Individuals, Family Limited Partnerships, LLCs, Banks and Foundations have for years relied upon our mineral management expertise to maximize these complex assets.

Our team has over thirty years of oil industry experience in exploration, development and management. Such industry experience is combined with over fifty years of mineral management experience working with mineral and royalty interests as well as working interests.

Our philosophy is to hold on to and retain oil, gas and mineral interests to maximize our client’s long term oil and gas income as opposed to selling them for short term gains.

How Our Team Can Serve You

Our oil & gas management team offers a wide array of services, including:

Receive and deposit production checks, and maintain payment history.

Monitor each property for missing and/or suspended production payments/collection of payments.

Review, verify and execute division orders.

Negotiate lease terms and provisions on unleased properties/collect lease bonuses and damage payments.

Evaluate property tax values and protest of valuation when necessary.

Review and pay joint interest billing (JIB) statements on working interest.

Review and execute working interest operating agreement and unit agreements.

Negotiate purchase or sale of mineral interests.

Annual review of all oil and gas properties including comparison and review of income and expenses, production rates and price of oil and gas products, and identification of properties having net losses and determination of cause.

Oil and Gas Management Team Biographies